How to Use a Custom Activity Log (.csv File) from Smartsheet Support

If unexpected sheet behavior has occurred with a sheet or report that you own, Smartsheet Support may email you a custom .csv file to provide a record of sheet or report activity. You can use the information from the .csv to manually restore the data to your sheets and reports.

Here’s how to use and interpret the data in the .csv file:

  1. Open the file in a text editor or spreadsheet program (such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel).
  2. Review the information in the file. 
  3. Open Smartsheet (, locate the sheet or report that the .csv file details, and make the manual changes to the impacted content.

The .csv file sheet will resemble the following:

Custom Activity Log .csv

Column Overview

Action: The action that was taken in the sheet.

User: Who performed the action.

Details: Any relevant, specific details, such as the name of an inserted file attachment, or how the contents of a cell was changed. 

Source: Smartsheet can be modified via the Full App or by the Smartsheet API. If your organization is using premium add-ons such as the Smartsheet Pivot App or Smartsheet Control Center, you may see something similar to “API - Integrated App” in the Source column. 

Time Stamp: The time at which the action occurred.

How to Interpret the "Cells Changed" Action

When the value in the Action column is “Cells Changed,” the Details column will include information similar to the following:

     Row 29: "Entry in primary column" Column name: (blank) to: "New value"

That is, the entry will include the row number, will display the cell contents of the primary column for that row, the name of the column in which the data changed, the old value, and the new value. If the cell was blank before the change, you’ll see (blank) as in the example above.