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Who can use this capability

You must be a System Admin to consolidate accounts.

The account you are acquiring cannot be an Enterprise plan. 

Consolidate Two Smartsheet Accounts


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  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


You must be a System Admin to consolidate accounts.

The account you are acquiring cannot be an Enterprise plan. 

To consolidate paid accounts, any System Admin can invite another System Admin with an existing paid subscription to join their plan. This will merge the two plans together.

Do not cancel the account you want to consolidate into yours at any time. If you've already canceled the account before starting this process, you'll need to add licenses to your plan and invite each person to your plan using the steps here.

You can also invite an Account Owner from a legacy Individual or Advanced plan to join your account.

To get started, open the User Management form by clicking Account > Plan & Billing Info > User Management > Add User

Keep the following in mind:

  • You must be a System Admin to consolidate accounts. 
  • You can't send an invitation to an Enterprise Plan System Admin (contact our Sales team for assistance merging Enterprise plans).

How Accounts Are Consolidated

If the Owner or System Admin accepts the invitation, here's what will happen next:

  • Your account will acquire theirs, and any account settings you've set up will override theirs.
  • All users set up on the invited account will be added to your plan.

    NOTE: You'll need to have enough available licenses to accommodate the users on the invited team. If you don't have enough licenses available to accommodate the users in the invited plan, Smartsheet will alert you, and you'll have an opportunity to include additional licenses. You can then re-send the invitation.

    For more information about how to add licenses, please see Review or Change Account, Plan, or Billing Info.

You can choose to provide System Admin access to the System Admin that you invite.

To learn more about how the invited team's access will be impacted, see our article Join a Team, Business, or Enterprise account.

If you invite someone to join a plan, and if their existing plan has more features than the plan you are inviting them to (for example, if you are on a legacy Team plan and you invite the System Admin of a Business plan to join your plan), be aware that the account will have only the features available in your plan.

For more information about which features are included in each plan, see the Smartsheet Pricing page.

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