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How to Use "Filtered Out by Connector—Not Synced"


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When you're working with a sheet that is used with a Smartsheet connector, you may see a row that is labeled "Filtered out by Connector—not synced." Under the entry, indented as child rows, you'll see rows of data that represent items that are currently not being synchronized with the connected application. For example, in the image below, four child rows are currently being filtered out (not being synced) by the Connector.

Connector Not Synced

Even though a row is no longer synced, it might contain important column data, attachments, or comments. Because of this, Smartsheet will not delete rows from your sheet. Instead, it creates this "Filtered out by Connector—not synced" section to retain the information that is filtered out by the Connector. The section keeps your team informed about which rows no longer meet the filter criteria of the workflow. 

You can’t turn the "Filtered out by Connector—not synced" functionality off: it's there to protect against data loss due to accidental workflow or other changes. If you are sure you don't need the items listed under the "Filtered out..." row, you can delete the rows from your sheet. The rows in question will not be returned to the sheet until they meet the filter criteria set in the Connector workflow.

Why the “Filtered out by Connector” Rows Are Not Syncing

Here are some of the reasons a row may be moved under "Filtered out by Connector—not synced" and is not currently being synced:

  • An item is deleted in the connected application. Once a previously synced item is deleted, the Connector will be unable to locate any record of the item to synchronize additional changes. 
  • The item no longer meets the filter criteria that is set in the Connector workflow. This might happen, for example, if you have built a workflow that only filters items that have a status of Open, and an item changes to a status of Closed.

Get the Filtered Out Rows to Sync Again

To resynchronize the row, you can do one of the following:

  • Change your workflow filter criteria. Add or remove filtered fields in your workflow, so that the item meets all criteria that is set in the Connector workflow.
  • Change the data in the connected application so that it matches your workflow filter criteria. For example, if your workflow is configured to only sync items that are owned by Sam Smart but an item is currently assigned to Stephen Smart, you can change the assignee to Sam Smart in the connected application and the item will begin syncing again.

Once you do either of the above, the item will sync again and the row will be removed from the "Filtered out by Connector—not synced" area of the sheet.

More About Connectors

For more information about Connectors, see the Smartsheet Connectors page on the Smarsheet website.

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