Integrate Smartsheet with Microsoft Teams

Applies to

- Business
- Enterprise

Harness the creativity and spontaneity of conversations, paring them with Smartsheet as the work execution platform that transforms conversations into action:

  • Send alerts to a channel on key dates or changes to work items
  • As a direct message: review and approve Smartsheet approval requests and complete update requests
  • Publish Smartsheet items to a tab in Teams (see Publish Smartsheet Items to Microsoft Teams)

Smartsheet for Teams is compatible with both the browser and desktop versions of the Microsoft Teams application.

Integration Requirements

Anyone in Teams can search for the Smartsheet for Microsoft Teams integration within the Microsoft Store; however, only an Office 365 admin can allow the Smartsheet application to be installed within their organization.

Office 365 Admins can click here to allow the Smartsheet for Teams integration to be installed for their organization. If you are not an Office 365 Admin, you may need to reach out to your IT team for assistance with installation.

If you’re looking to publish a Smartsheet item (form, sheet, report, dashboard) as a tab in a Teams channel, see Publish Smartsheet Items to Microsoft Teams.

Set Up Smartsheet for Teams

To receive Smartsheet alerts and requests as direct messages or in a Teams channel, you’ll need to authenticate the Smartsheet bot with Teams. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. From Microsoft Teams, in the search bar at the top of the Teams window, type “Smartsheet” and select the Smartsheet app.

    NOTE: To be able to use the Smartsheet for Microsoft Teams integration, you may need to submit a request to your Office 365 Admin to enable the bot with the steps in this Microsoft Help Article.
  2. The Smartsheet bot window appears.
    Install Microsoft Teams
  3. Enable settings according to where you want to receive alerts and requests:   
    • Personal alerts and requests—set Add for you to Yes.
    • To a Microsoft Teams channel—set Add to a team to Yes and type the name of the desired Team in the Search field.
  4. Click Install to complete the setup.
  5. Navigate to the Chat tab on the left-side of Teams to bring up the Smartsheet bot Conversation.
  6. Select Allow Access in the bot greeting. The Smartsheet sign in and authorization pages appear.

    NOTE: If you don’t see the Allow Access button in the conversation, you can type anything (for example, "hi") to get started.
  7. Sign in to your Smartsheet account and click Allow.

Once you see the “Success!” page, no further action is required. You’ll now be able to take action on update requests, approval requests and receive your sheet changes, reminders and @mentions notifications within Microsoft Teams!

Type “help” in a direct message to the bot to learn about how Smartsheet for Microsoft Teams works.

Now you’ll be able to send alerts to a Teams channel (after setting up an automated workflow on a sheet in Smartsheet with the steps here) or receive alerts and requests as direct messages.