Creating and Managing Sheets in the iOS app

Licensed users and users participating in a 30-day free trial of Smartsheet can create new sheets in the iOS app. You must be the owner of a sheet to delete or rename it.

To create a sheet

  1. Open to the Home page in the app.
  2. Tap the Add New icon in the upper-right corner:

    Add New Sheet icon

    You can choose to create a new blank sheet or start with a Smartsheet template.

    The Blank Sheet, Project Sheet, and Task Sheet templates have a basic layout, pre-defined columns but no row data.

    You'll also see several categories of templates you can use including Featured Templates, Marketing Template and Project Management templates.
  3. Tap on the name of a template to see a preview and description of it. Re-name the template if desired, then tap Create in the upper, right corner to create a new sheet that inherits its formatting. 

    NOTE: Many Smartsheet-created templates also have an option to Include sample data. This will populate the sheet with example rows and values to help you get started.

You'll be re-directed back to the Home page where you can tap on the name of the new sheet to begin working on it.

To delete, rename, or duplicate a sheet

  1. Open to the Home page in the app.
  2. Long-press on the name of a sheet to delete, rename, or duplicate it.

Deleting a sheet will remove it from the iOS app. It can be recovered from the full-version of Smartsheet (accessible via desktop or laptop computer) for 30-days using the instructions in the Help article Deleting & Undeleting Sheets.