Viewing and Editing Rows in the iOS app

Here's what you can do with rows from the Smartsheet app for iPad/iPhone:

  • Edit row values
  • Track the changes made to a cell (view its history)
  • Insert and delete rows
  • Indent or outdent rows
  • Move rows 
  • Send rows for review via email
  • Work with attachments and discussions

Required Permissions

The sheet owner and collaborators with Admin access to a sheet can insert, delete, and modify values in rows. Collaborators with Editor access can also insert rows and can delete or modify rows that haven't been locked from the full version of Smartsheet.

NOTE: The following cell values aren't editable from the iOS app regardless of sharing permission level: cells containing formulas, all end dates in dependency-enabled sheets and all start dates driven by predecessors in dependency-enabled sheets.

Editing Row Values

  1. Tap a row to open it for editing.
  2. With the row open for editing, tap on a field to make changes to it, and then tap Save in the upper-right corner.

Once you click Save, the screen will update and bring you back to the view you were previously working in.

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Viewing Cell History

  1. From Grid View, tap the row to open it for editing.
  2. From the Edit Row form, locate the cell that you want to review, and click History icon the History icon to display the History form.
    History form

If you have permissions to edit the sheet, you can long-press on an entry in the History form to copy the value or replace the current value with the earlier value from the form.

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Working with Rows

From the app, you can indent or outdent rows, insert a new row, delete a row, or send a row to someone for review or to request an update via email (from the iOS app, rows must be sent one at a time).

To move a row, long press on the circle next to the row and drag it or use the Cut and Paste buttons.

To access the menu to work with rows, switch to Grid View or List View and long-press on the row that you want to work with:

Edit Row iOS App

Note that adding a row via the Insert button will add a row above the selected row. To add a new row to the end of the sheet, tap the Sheet Actions icon Account Settings icon​ in the upper-right corner and select Add Row.

To learn more about sending rows and update requests, see Sending Rows & Update Requests from the iOS app.

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Accessing Attachments, Images, and Discussions

How you work with attachments, images, and discussions will vary depending on the selected view:

  • List View: Tap once on a row, tap the camera icon at the bottom and select from the available options.
  • Grid View: Tap in the the left-most column in the row and select from the available options:
    Row Info menu

NOTE: The options that you can choose from for images and attachments will vary depending on the services that you've set up to be used with your phone or iPad, but will include items such as Take Photo or Movie, Choose from Library, iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox. 

Learn more about working with attachments in our article on Attachments & Discussions in the iOS app.

TIP: To include a picture inline and display it directly in a cell, tap the row to open the Edit Row form, tap in the desired field and then tap the camera icon just above the keyboard. For more information, see Inserting Images with the iOS app.

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