Sharing and Sending Sheets in the Android App

How you get started sharing or sending a sheet from the Smartsheet for Android app will depend on where in the app you start:

  • From the Home page, long-press on the name of a sheet and select Share or Send.
  • From List, Grid, Gantt, or Calendar View, tap the settings icon settings icon in the upper-right corner then select Share Sheet or Send Sheet.

Sharing a Sheet

After selecting Share Sheet, the Sharing screen will appear listing the names, email addresses and permission levels of people currently shared to the sheet.

  1. Tap the plus icon in the upper-right corner to share the sheet with a new collaborator.
  2. Type in the collaborator's email address, select their sharing permission level and optionally customize the email message.
  3. Tap Save in the upper-right corner to share the sheet.

An email is sent to the collaborator's email address with a link they can click on to open the sheet in Smartsheet.

Sending a Sheet

  1. Select Send Sheet to display the Send Sheet screen.
  2. Type in the recipient's email address, select whether you'd like to send the sheet in PDF or Excel format (and, if you like, you can customize the email message).
  3. Tap Send in the upper-right corner to sent the sheet as an attachment.

An email is sent to the recipient, with the sheet attached in the selected file format. The PDF or Excel file is a static version of the sheet containing the same data that existed in the sheet at the time it was sent.

Required Permissions for Sharing Sheets

Anyone who can access a sheet can send it to others via email in PDF or Excel format. The sheet owner and collaborators with Admin access to the sheet have the ability to share it. Collaborators with Editor access may also have permission to share the sheet, if this option was selected when the sheet was shared with them.

To learn more about the sharing feature and permission levels, review our help article on Sharing Sheets.