Viewing and Editing Rows in the Android App

The sheet owner and collaborators with Admin access to a sheet can insert, delete, and modify values in rows. Collaborators with Editor access can also insert rows, and can delete or modify rows that haven't been locked from the full-version of Smartsheet.

Some cells are never editable from the Android app regardless of sharing permission level, these include cells containing:

  • Formulas 
  • End dates in dependency-enabled sheets
  • Start dates driven by predecessors in dependency-enabled sheets

Editing Row Values

List and Grid View: Tap once on a row to open the row for editing.

Gantt View: Double-tap on a Gantt label or Gantt bar to open the row for editing. 

Calendar View: Double-tap on the calendar entry to open the row for editing.

With the row open for editing, tap on a field to make changes to it, then tap SAVE in the upper-right corner. The screen will update and bring you back to the view you were previously working in.

Inserting and Deleting Rows

To add a row to the end of the sheet: switch to Grid View or List View, scroll to the end of the  sheet, and tap Add Row.

To add a row above an existing row, long press a row, and tap Add Row at the top of the App.

You can also tap the settings icon settings icon in the upper-right corner and select Add Row to insert a new row at the bottom of the sheet.

Row Actions

Tap to open a row for editing and to access additional row actions.

TIP: To easily view previous or next rows, swipe side to side.

To attach an image or attachment to the row, use the Image or Attachment icons at the top of the App.

In the upper-right corner of the Row screen, tap the settings icon settings icon to access the following actions: