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Smartsheet Labs offers experimental apps built by Smartsheet for the customer community or internal use. While not official Smartsheet products, these apps are free to use and should be considered community projects which are not officially supported, tested, or documented. You can access all Smartsheet apps, including Smartsheet Labs applications, by navigating to the Smartsheet App Gallery. You can also visit Smartsheet Labs directly at

The apps run outside of Smartsheet but utilize the data contained in your sheets. Please note that because of the experimental nature of Labs, the apps themselves may break, change, or be removed at any time. This shouldn't affect the data stored in your sheets.

Here are the apps that we're talking about:


Available apps:

  • Smartsheet Charts: Visualize data in your sheets in a variety of different ways including pie, bar, and line charts.
  • Smartsheet Maps: Display addresses listed in a column of your sheet in a Bing Maps view.
  • DocuSign: Get documents e-signed and automatically attached back to Smartsheet.
  • Evernote: Turn Evernote notes into actionable tasks in Smartsheet. Play Icon Check out our video on Attaching Notes and Syncing Notebooks from Evernote to Smartsheet to see this integration in action.
  • Marketo: Collaboratively manage your lead lists in Smartsheet and then export them to Marketo for your next campaign.

After picking an app, we'll walk you through connecting your account(s) and setting up the integration. Instructions for using each app and assistance with errors are provided within the app itself. If you run into questions, have suggestions for improvement, or encounter a bug please contact [email protected] for assistance.

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