Views in the Android App

The Smartsheet app for Android helps you access and edit your Smartsheet data while on the go. It’s designed as a companion to the full-featured Smartsheet web application.

You can switch between views via the View Selector in the lower-left corner of a sheet. The views that are available in the menu will differ based on the contents of the sheet.

List View

List View displays the information in the Primary column of the sheet only. This is the best view for quickly navigating through a sheet to find and edit specific data.

Grid View

Grid View displays all rows and columns in your sheet to give a full overview of the project. Grid View will also display any formatting that has been applied via the desktop version of Smartsheet.

Here's what you can do from Grid View:

  • Edit a row: Tap once on a row to open it for editing. Tap on a field to make changes to it then tap SAVE in the upper-right corner to save your changes.

Long press a row and tap tap More More, to do the following:

  • Send a row via email: Select Send row to send a read-only version of the row.
  • Send an Update request: Select Update Request to send the row in an editable update request email. 
  • Insert a new row
  • Open the row for editing
  • Delete an existing row

Gantt View

If a Gantt chart has been added to a sheet or report from the full version of Smartsheet (accessible via desktop or laptop computer), or if you've created a new sheet that includes one automatically, you can switch to Gantt View to review the chart.

The content from the Primary column will be displayed in tabs on the left side, with each associated Gantt bar displayed to the right. 

Here are some tips for working in Gantt View:

  • Tap on a label to view the Gantt bar for that row.

    By default, the text displayed next to each Gantt bar is the same as the text in the row's Primary column. You can select a different column to display from the sheet's Project Settings, accessible by logging in to Smartsheet from a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Tap on a Gantt bar to highlight the task's dependencies.
  • Double-tap on a Gantt bar or label to open the row for editing.
  • Long-press on a Gantt bar or label and tap tap More More to send an Update Request, Insert a Row Below, Open the row for editing, or Delete the row
  • Long-press on a Gantt bar or label and tap Edit to edit the row or to Send the row via email.
  • Pinch two fingers together to zoom out on the Gantt chart.
  • Pinch out to zoom in on the Gantt chart.
  • Tap the critical path icon Critical Path icon at the bottom to highlight the tasks on the critical path.

    Learn more about the critical path in our article on Tracking a Project's Critical Path.

Calendar View

Display your tasks, events, or data from any other Smartsheet row in a timeline. Quickly scroll and zoom to find the information you need, and tap on any bar to view or edit the details. Click the today icon in the lower-right portion of the app to quickly return to the current date.

Other Actions

Depending on your view, additional actions may be available including:

Refreshrefre: From the lower-right corner of the app, tap Refresh to update it and review any changes made by other collaborators.

FilterFilter icon: Apply or remove filters that you've configured from the full version of Smartsheet (accessible from a desktop or laptop computer). The Android app doesn't currently support creating new filters or changing filter settings.

SearchSearch icon: Search for values within the sheet.