Tips from Support

Here are tips form our support team for implementing Smartsheet features across a variety of scenarios. In the blog articles below, we offer best practices, advice, and details on how you can put Smartsheet features to work.

Sheet Creation

How to Backup Your Data Create your own Smartsheet emergency kit by backing up your sheets

How to Secure Your Data Best practices for locking columns and rows

Color Your World Branding your sheets with colors and logos

3 Formatting Tricks You Oughta Know Lesser-known Smart secrets!

3 Shortcuts You Didn't Know ...and more Smart secrets!

Using Column Symbols Examples for using the RYG, Harvey Ball, Priority, Star and Flag columns

How to Use Secure Sheet Links Create a link that is only accessible to shared collaborators

Power of the Primary Column Learn more about the primary column's powerful and unique functionality that helps you organize your work

All About System Columns System columns can automatically populate an incrementing number, created date, created by (user), last modified date, and last modified by (user) for every row in the sheet

Uploading a File vs. Linking to One Differences between, and use cases for, uploading attachments from various sources

Create a Sheet with Multiple Web Forms Customize Forms (formally Web Forms) for different scenarios, and have them all feed into the same sheet

How to Print a Row in Web Form Layout Use the Smartsheet Merge add-on for Google Docs to display a row in a vertical, field-over-field, format

How (and When) to Copy Information Whether you need to copy and paste a single cell or your entire sheet, you'll find information here

Working Offline Though Smartsheet is 100% web-based, we have a solution for those particular moments where you’re offline but need to update your data.

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Reporting & Aggregating Data

How to Create a Navigational Sheet Create an index to easily access sheets without searching

How to Use Cell Linking to Create a Master Gantt Chart Want an overview of all project sheets in one place? Use Cell Linking!

Create a Calendar Dashboard Overview Similar to the above, you can also use Cell Linking to create a "master" calendar

How to Use Reports to Organize Data Using Reports to sort and customize columns for different collaborators

Displaying Parent Row Info in Reports Though hierarchies don't display in reports, you can use this trick to keep your child rows grouped together

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Project & Task Management

How to Use Lag Days in Your Project Plan Use lag days to adjust the relationship between predecessors in your project plans

Managing Recurring Tasks and Events Tips for documenting and remembering recurring events in Smartsheet, so no task is left undone

When to use Milestones in Your Project Sheet Using milestones to track key event, deadline, and delivery dates

Creating a Work-Back Schedule Working backwards from an event date or deadline

Let Loose with 40 Shades of Not-So-Gray New shades of color available for your Gantt charts!

How to Print your Gantt chart Print consistent, legible Gantt charts that include all the information you need with these tips

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Collaboration & Productivity

Tips for International Users Learn how to change your language, date & currency format, enable international keyboards and pay in multiple currencies

Using Update Requests Best practices for using Update Requests

How to Organize Completed Tasks Hiding, moving and formatting rows of completed tasks to keep your sheets from growing too large and unwieldy

Don't Delete, Archive Your Sheet How to make room for new sheets while still preserving your data

How to Create Conditional Reminders Use a formula to send a reminder to the assigned team member only if the task isn't completed yet

How to Create Recurring Reminders Use a formula to send a reminder to the assigned team member every day until the task is complete

Our Favorite Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts, date shortcuts, and drag-fill

How to Maximize Team Collaboration in a Workspace Best practices for effective workspace collaboration

When to Use Reports Instead of Sharing Your Sheet Use reports so collaborators aren't overwhelmed with data

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Tips for Team/Enterprise Users

How to Manage Vacation Schedules with Resource Management Rest easy knowing you haven’t assigned a team member to a task when they’re not available

How to Manage Your Team Account Overview of user types and best practices for working in the User Management screen

4 Ways for SysAdmins to Manage Their Accounts More tips for SysAdmins, including how to enable your finance team to download receipts and how to manage an account when the primary System Admin has left the organization

How (and Why) to Build a Contact List via User Management

Using the Sheet Access Report Team/Enterprise SysAdmins can download a list of all sheets in the organization, and who is shared to them

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Using Advanced Features

3 Web Form Tricks to Try Log the timestamp of a web form submission, receive email notification for each submission, and create multi-select web form fields.

Relative and Absolute References Referencing static, and dynamic values in formulas

How to Use Zapier in Smartsheet An example of using Smartsheet as a Trigger and Action in Zapier

Understanding an API Non-technical description and overview of the Smartsheet API

Using Google and Smartsheet Integration points between Smartsheet & Google (Google Apps, Gmail, Google Calendar)

How to Automate RYG Balls Use formulas to manipulate the RYG column

Inside Scoop on Internet Browsers Performance, and subtle features in Smartsheet are related to your Internet browser selection

How to Build a Nested IF Statement Use a NESTED IF formula to make your cell display a different value depending on the value in another cell

Conditional Formatting and Formulas Together Apply formatting automatically based on the result of a formula calculation or comparison

How to Use Ranges in Smartsheet Formulas Use the SUM and COUNT formulas on a range of cells down a column or across a row

How to Create Your Own Template How, when, and why to create your own custom templates in Smartsheet

How to Use the Checkbox Formula Use IF formulas to automatically check a box when other criteria is met

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